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Author Topic: National Signing Day  (Read 4452 times)
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« Reply #30 on: December 31, 2017, 03:43:46 PM »

That was a huge loss. Cripes I liked the way RT rassled. One tough break for Bucky and a heckuva nice young man. Often as I P&M about the Badger "style" not being as aggressive, I have ro remember we've had some very aggressive wrestlers. Sure wasn't just Donny. I still love watching Graff. Slicker 'n spit.

I think we are in the same boat,,,,I p@m often about the badgers but yet there has been several guys I really enjoyed watching.

Howe.....I know, I know....but man talk about getting on the head and wearing someone down
RT....additude and I loved it.....I remember watching him in high school also and had that "it" factor
Graff.....slicker than any oil spill
Clum,,,,,just fun
Herbst,,,,,,was a pinner and it could happen at any time
Medbury.....can anyone say legs?

I think for the most part the ones I mentioned were afraid of going out and mixing it up in the aggressive way I think some expect.

I know I have left many off the list, just ones in the past decade that I would go out of my way to watch and re-watch there matches!!!!!!

I can't believe you left Kyle Ruschell off the list! And the Blacks!

Good point. Ruschell really represented. Blacks were so fun to watch. Great scramblers.

yes they did for sure!

gosh I didnt mean to insult of forget anyone but when I thought off the top of my head I knew I was forgetting some kids that were pretty good!!!!!

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