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Author Topic: The bug'un  (Read 466 times)
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« on: September 02, 2017, 05:26:17 PM »

Okay, I didn' twant to talk about this; but now I do. Man the hype for this Mayweather/Macgregor fight was sickening. Makes me wonder how those who wish to sell fights think. That was so nasty, over-the-top, etc. that I sure wasn't gonna pay to see it.

I just watched it on Youtube. Man, Floyd has him figured out from the git-go. I generally liked Connor (until this fight). He was genuinely outclassed in boxing skills. That said, he fought a good fight despite looking like it was his first pro boxing match, as it really was.

What I think about most is how wrestling sort of lead to Connor's loss. I could see early on, even in boxing mode, he'd seek to change levels for better position; legs down, legs up, over and over. That won't last 10-12 rounds. It won't. Lotta time and wear on the legs, subsequently the lungs, and on and on. As he inevitably straightened out, he learned why boxing is 12 rounds (shoot, used to be 18). You could tell from the 8th round on his hands were dropping and was on rubber-leg-street. In boxing it's all about your defense, pillars, and timing. I sure haven't gained any new respect for Mayweather; but he's an incredible boxer. Look at his face. Not a bruise. He coulda gone 18 easy.

I think I lost a lot of like for both sports in the nasty hype, though. Really made you feel like not watching. I don't want my kids to hear that stuff.

Makes Burroughs, Snyder, Green and Gilman (and that whole team!) pretty easy to love. That made my week. Smiley MEN!

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